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Day 49 of Project 365: I am not my hair

Hair, or lack of it. Yep, After my performance in July, I have kept it buzzed. It got a bit longer a couple months ago when I bleached it, but it  has remained pretty short. I am STILL working through reasons I had it buzzed.

Do I love having it buzzed off? Yes. Do I love the freedom of not worrying about hair? yes. Do I feel free having no hair? yes. Do I worry about how people look at me? yes. Do I get people asking when I am going to grow it out? yes.

People still have a hard time looking at me with a buzzed head. Why can’t people accept me for who I am on the inside rather than what they see on the outside. I have  talked to many people about my reasons for doing this. I have had some really interesting and intense conversations about beauty and attraction; and gender roles and sexuality.

I get sad at the thought that most men wouldn’t find me attractive the way I look. Are there really ‘laws’ of attraction? Am I too hard on men? or myself?

I am more confident, more beautiful and more myself than I have ever been before. Mainly because, I am not my hair.


Love this song…

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