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Day 48 of Project 365: what’s cooking?

So I recently bought a new cast iron skillet. I also bought a cuisinart griddler and for Christmas got a crock pot. What is this world coming too??? Now, I am no great cook. In fact you can probably say I’m no cook at all. Am I rebelling to “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Maybe. Pffft!! LOL Ok I do make a mean bowl of cream of wheat and mug of hot cocoa, but that’s as far as my culinary pursuits have gone. Soooooo with the acquisition of these new cooking tools I decided to give it a go.

Cast iron skillet: 1 Me: 0


I learned while my potatoes were sticking to the bottom, that I need to season it intensely before use. LOL

Egg: 1 Me: 0


Yea, don’t ask. LOL

End result wasn’t too bad. Except I made too many potatoes and the eggs stuck to the pan (a diff pan) LOL


Now I should say, I’ve cooked a bit before. It’s just been a while.

After this, I went and got a much needed massage. Wooot!

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