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Day 47 of Project 365: Team monkey

On Jan 7th I started a new year challenge with some fabulous online friends. The challenge is “about setting a regular yet flexible routine of healthy, productive and positive habits” for the mind and body. Today is day 2 and I’m already doing pretty well on keeping on track. I just haven’t drank my 8 glasses of water like I’m supposed to. But I’m working on it.

It’s really amazing to have such a supportive group of friends. They are all so inspiring. I am very lucky.

Some people criticize having a life online, saying its not real. You need physical contact with people. You need to meet face to face. If you are even just on Facebook, you know its easy to become connected with people over long distances and you don’t need the physical.

Thank you my friends for being an amazing group of people!!


Taken on my 10min walk at work.

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