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Day 41 of Project 365: Guilt and perfection

I have been feeling a lot of guilt in my life lately. Not the kind of guilt that comes from doing bad things but the guilt that comes when you aren’t perfect. Or when you aren’t doing perfect things. I have been thinking about guilt a lot lately. Why should I feel guilty? I am being myself. I am a good person doing the best I can in life. So I didn’t eat breakfast this morning or stayed in bed all day yesterday, the 1st day of the new year. So I haven’t been painting or epoxying or gessoing. So I am procrastinating on writing the grants or going shopping for new sheets and clothes. (I hate shopping btw) I am not perfect right? So how come I feel like I have to be perfect to please everyone else. How come I feel I have to be perfect so I don’t disappoint or get anyone else upset? Ugh!!! I hate that!!! The only person I have to please is myself right? I have to be myself. I am not perfect. Not by far. And that is ok, right?

If I was to make a New Years resolution, which I am not, it would be to not feel so guilty and to be myself, the imperfect beautiful person I am!!

Here is my imperfect studio in my imperfect loft with imperfect heat… and imperfect mannequins. (One has an alien forehead, one has fake boobs and they are all too thin. Definitely not perfect!) LOL

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