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Day 38 of Project 365: On reading

I love books. I have tons of them. Books on artists, art history, art techniques, some fiction and a variety of other books I have collected over the years. I guess collecting is the operative word. I am not a great reader. I mean of course I know how to read, I just don’t read much. I can’t concentrate on reading. Unless it is something that really captures me and is so immersive that I forget I am reading. Eat, Pray Love– totally. Fifty Shades of Grey– couldn’t get past the first few pages. Game of Thrones- I am trying.

I know I know, a lot of my friends are going to wince and roll their eyes. I love looking at books. I loving having them at my fingertips in case I want to read them. I love having them in my home and I love collecting them. Aren’t books beautiful??!!

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