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Day 31 of Project 365: Post-its

Got home from work early and have no idea what to talk about. I need to finish wrapping a few presents and have been playing with a new camera filter app. Then I plan to get into bed with my new electric blanket and alternative down comforter for heavenly sleep. I took this picture at work. I often ghve post-its with thoughts written on them all over the place. I get home from work and dig a few out of my pockets. While the ER is not artsy or creative, per se, I do seem to think a lot there.This was a thought I had today. (I live in/straddle so many different realities- art, ER, virtual, overweight, social media… I think this is very good. I can relate to so  many different people on so many different levels. I can empathize much more easily and it allows me to see many different viewpoints.)

By the way, isn’t my screen saver beautiful? Its a photo of central park from National Geographic.

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