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Day 26 of project 365: On photography

Today there has been a lot of talk about Instagram and their TOS changing as of January 16th. Supposedly the TOS was re-written to show that Instagram can use the images we post to sell to anyone. While there is a lot of debate and frustration over this, this post isn’t about Instagram but photography in general. What is photography in today’s society? When people can take pictures with their cameras and post them instantly to to the web for all to see, does this devalue the art photograph? What is the art photograph anymore? Especially with all the cool apps for filters. What makes one photograph worth more or more beautiful than another?

This is one of a few photos I took of the clouds today. (no filter…LOL)  Yes the clouds. Like millions of other people I take pictures of the clouds, the ocean, the mountains, graffiti, the skyline, etc. Have we seen the rise and fall of the art of photography? Is originality in photography dead? Is photography used more for documentation than anything else now? Does it matter?


Now this is what I’m saying…

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