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Day 21 of Project 365: Mental energy

Remember that mental energy I spoke about yesterday? Yep, that part of myself that right now is so drained I can’t even decide what movie to watch or what music to listen to? Yes, that energy. This afternoon I couldn’t even decide if I wanted to go to another holiday party. The party at the Brewery here where I live. Of course I wanted to go, but I was tired. Drained. AND my clothes were still damp from the wash.

Well I thought  about it and realized that I needed this night out. Just like last night, I need to decompress from thinking of all the stuff I have to do: The mannequin, Holiday cards, grant apps, Wrapping Xmas prezzies, cleaning, waking up early tomorrow for work, laundry, painting the mannequin, drawing on the mannequin, getting gas in my car, what is there to eat, oh and did I say painting the mannequin?

I went to the party and had a great time. Of course. Again, it was so nice to see so many happy, familiar faces. So many new friends. I love this  community I live in. I am right where I belong!!


The Carlsons who own and manage the Brewery really put on a wonderful party. Great food, amazing desserts, an open bar, comfy Jazz and a nice ambiance. Thank you so much!!!

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