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Day 19 of Project 365: Mistakes

So it’s really funny, this post was always going to be about mistakes.

Right now painting my mannequin isn’t going well. I haven’t liked the colors I have put on her. (btw, her name  is Gracie Kendal 2.0) I ended up wiping some paint off her face. I am sad and depressed that it isn’t working out right now at this moment. Crazy how I can feel so bummed just from this one thing. BUT it seems this always happens. Part of the spontaneity in my work is mistakes and happy accidents. That is the pressure, the give and take, push and pull that is part of what I do. Even if I get so frustrated, it is all part of the process. In the end, I know it will all work out.


So the real funny thing is, I decided to go  back and count the days of this project. And guess what? I had 2 day 12s…LOL So I made a mistake. Oh well. Watcha gonna do?? I fixed it and am moving on. Just like this mannequin. Once the paint dries, I will keep going with a new color… maybe red and then another and another and it will work out. It always does.

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