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Day 150 of Project 365: Can’t. Stop. Painting. Call. For. Help!

Yep I have a problem. I have to paint. It’s an obsession. I can’t stop! I need help! I think I need to go to AA! (Artists Anonymous) Ok so it isn’t THAT bad. But close. A therapist would have me look at the underlying reasons for this obsession; comfort, loneliness, filling a void, an outlet for anger? Lol me angry? Nah. Seriously I love to paint. I love when colors come together and change your perception. I love the feel of the paint under your fingers when it’s dry. So sensuous and luscious. There is so much passion in paint. I love to let it loose and see what happens. And I love that my paintings make people smile and give them joy. That is the best!!

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