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Day 136 of Project 365: Late, I’m late for a very important date

This is just to set  you up for the next few Project 365 posts. I have been late about getting photographs posted to my blog. I have been sick the last 3ish weeks which has made me tired and unmotivated. While I did shoot pics every day I just didn’t get them posted.

I sooooooo hate to be late. And it is a pet peeve of mine, (funny I didn’t think I had any…LOL And I hate that I  have a pet peeve) lateness. If you say you are  going to be somewhere to meet someone at a certain time, then be there. It shows disrespect to the person waiting if you are not there. It shows that you didn’t think they were important enough to be on time for. If you make plans with someone they ARE important and deserve your full attention and respect.

Ok off my soapbox…

Mad Men is back!!!!!

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