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Day 13 of Project 365: Being an artist

Last night…

Just had a dream some guy stole 3 of our cars from in front of an old house I lived in. In broad daylight. My car which was almost paid off and 2 of my parents cars including a candy red corvair. I saw the guy doing it and opened the door to yell at him but he had 2 huge guns be was about to shoot so I ducked to the ground. I called the police but no one answered and I had to leave a message. I wanted to chase after the guy but everyone was taking their time about it.

I remember finally trying to find the guy looking around town but it was taking a while almost in slow motion. And I remember thinking in my dream luckily I didn’t have anything valuable in my car but it was almost or,just paid off. Then I remembered there may have been a painting in the back. So the thief made out well. LOL

I am not sure why I am having such weird dreams. I have had some type of bug with a headache. Maybe that is it. While I wake up from these weird dreams, I still continue to work. Even if a little, I work…


A friend posted this interpretation: “Fear of loss with helplessness and a sense of being on your own. You’re concerned that you are without help (or that your personal support system is inadequate) and that everything you’ve managed to accomplish or are close to accomplishing will taken away from you. The part of remembering the painting is your insecurity of the value of art; you don’t remember it at first since it is valueless, then do remember it as an after thought. The “2 huge guns” is too Freudian for me to detail. Basically, you’re just worried that everything you’ve worked for will be stripped from you and you’ll not have help.”

Something to think about.

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