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Day 114 of Project 365: Lancaster? Art? What?

Let me tell you, it was very surreal going to this museum opening tonight. The exhibits were all really fabulous, but the museum is in my old hometown of Lancaster, California. I started my art career at the Community College there. It has been 12 years since I left the art scene in Lancaster. When I left their local museum still exhibited poppies and cows and landscapes of the desert. Their new Museum headed by the fabulous Andi Campognone is really bringing Lancaster into the contemporary art scene.

Several of my LA artist friends were there. It was very weird to see them “out of their natural habitat” of LA. What was even crazier was running into old friends who I used to know when I lived in Lancaster. I left the opening refreshed for having seen the great art, maybe older for realizing I have grown so much since I left and a little lost for not recognizing the city I grew up in. I guess the times they are a changing.

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