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Day 102 of Project 365: I am afraid

I am afraid of corn. Yea, I know you’re probably thinking that is such an irrational fear but aren’t most fears? A few years ago I was tested for allergies and corn came up as one of them. I stopped eating corn. At the same I had a panic attack which I thought was an anaphylactic reaction. I was scared to death. I convinced myself that corn could kill me. I haven’t eaten it since. Now the crazy thing is I’ve eaten plenty of food with corn syrup and I’m still alive. I used to love corn. Especially corn on the cob bbq’d with butter. We ordered out at work last night and there was corn in my Spanish rice. I almost tried it. I mean I was in a hospital for heavens sake! You know in case anything happened. But I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t. This is part of the eating disorder that I am working on. Sigh! It’s only corn!

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