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Day 1 of project 365: Black Friday

This last year I met an amazing woman, Halsted, who writes a blog,  365 days ago, she started ‘project 365’ a daily photo diary of her world. I love this idea!! I have been thinking of doing this for some time. Halsted just finished day 365, yesterday, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to continue what she started, and begin my own ‘project 365’ starting today.

Today is the day known as Black Friday! I hate this day. Millions of people go shopping; facing congested parking lots and crazy,busy, rude crowds in stores for deals on expensive but cheaply made items that won’t last long or will have an upgrade in 6 months anyway (think Apple). Why? Do they want to have the  latest and greatest thing to keep up with the Jones’? Material items can’t/don’t buy happiness. All you are doing is filling these corporations pockets with more and more money. For what?

This meme was going around Facebook today:

What does this say about our society when greed and consumerism is more important than democracy and justice?

Support local shops and friends!!!! Here is a list I know. Please feel free to add your shops in the comment  section.

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