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Change happens…

Today has been a really great day!!

This morning, I got in my car and listened to my new CD, Adele’s “21.” I was entranced. I felt like I did when I was younger and playing Cranberries “Dreams” and 4 non-blondes “What’s up” on road trips. It was nostalgic. There was a feeling of exhilaration. Like anything was possible. I ran my errands almost fearless. The freeway was my playground. (Well kinda..within traffic laws anyway…LOL)

Today is one of the first days I have actually felt like I knew who I was. Today, I feel alive, awake to new possibilities. I don’t know what happened, what sparked this feeling. I don’t know if I will feel this  way tomorrow. It doesn’t really matter. Today is today and I feel great.

Today is the first time, I have wanted to change Gracie in about 3ish years. Change happens when you least expect it. Sometimes for good sometimes for bad. But how you deal with it is up to you. I don’t know if Gracie’s change will last, what will come of it or how I will feel tomorrow.

All I know is today I love it. After a little make-over Gracie  is a new gal. Almost.

And yes, to all inquiring minds… the cigarette is gone!!!

Wednesday December 7, 2011 Gracie Kendal and Kristine Schomaker

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