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“Binge and Purge” an installation by Kristine Schomaker (Gracie Kendal)


I have a new project. Did I tell you??? I recently received a virtual land grant, equal to $1500 USD for 5 months, in the 3D online virtual world of Second Life. In this space, I am going to create a huge conceptual installation called “Binge and Purge” by emptying out and deleting EVERYTHING from my inventory (virtual closet/life). I have been a resident of Second Life for almost 7 years, so there are a lot of memories. Since the virtual space is limited with how much I can set out (rez), I am going to replace objects every 2-3 weeks until I have nothing left. I mean EVERYTHING will be gone. After this 5 month ‘performance’ the only things I will have left are the clothes on Gracie’s back.

Imagine, in your real/physical life, if you got rid of (purged)  everything you own; your car, your home, your books, music, computer, phone, furniture, heirlooms, art, valuables, jewelry, photographs, tools, linens, files, bikes and more.The only thing  you had left in the world  are the clothes, shoes and accessories you were wearing. What would you do?How would you feel?

My first thoughts on this installation include ideas of spectacle, curiosity, voyeurism. exhibitionism, temptation, public vs private, memory and nostalgia.

It is also about the collections one creates whether virtual or physical. It’s about the identities we form based on the items that we buy/obtain and the meaning behind them.

It is about my eating disorder. It is about recovery and letting go. It is about change and rediscovery.

Rules of the game:

  1. Buy Buy Buy. I will spend the 20,000L I currently have in Second Life until it is gone. (Done)

  2. I will rez 15000 prims worth of ‘stuff’ from my inventory every 2-3 weeks. (Sunday morning 9am SLT/PST)

  3. after the 2-3 weeks, I will delete all 15000 prims. (This will include all my art, presents, furniture, houses, clothes, pictures, notecards, landmarks, calling cards, collected art, etc) EVERYTHING.

  4. I will take pictures of my inventory window/the interface after each purging

  5. Each Binge and Purge will be documented through filming and photography.

  6. Everything I own in Second Life will be on this sim and eventually deleted.

  7. Then what?

The performance starts Sunday August 11th at 9am slt. Come on over and be there when I rez 15000 items from my inventory. Be part of the experience.

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