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Be Brave… No Fear!!!

Kris- Sighs… I’d rather be where you are.

Gracie- Yea, this place is amazing. So spiritual and relaxing. Come on over.

Kris- Hmmmm Now, that was an amazing massage.

Gracie- Don’t rub it in 😛

Gracie- Change is in the air.. for both of us I think. Just taking one last look at my home, before I pack it up. A lot of memories here. But time to move on to bigger and better things, I think 🙂

Kris- Yea, I think so too 🙂

Gracie- Sighs!! House hunting gives me a headache.

Kris- Ummm yea.

Gracie- Ok time to spill.. I know you have a lot on your mind, what’s up?

Kris- Hmmm now you’re going to make me actually think? Geesh.

G- Yep.

K- Well, went to the dentist yesterday. That wasn’t very fun. Even though they didn’t do work yesterday, I saw an ugly picture of an hurt tooth 😦

G- Ugh really? That sucks.

K- Yea, have to have a root canal on Friday.

G- How are you feeling about that?

K- Well, to tell you the truth, a little anxious. I mean I went to the dentist a year and a half ago, for a cleaning, but I was afraid because of my “supposed food allergies”. So they just used the ultrasound to clean my teeth.

G- Oh yea, I remember that. You came home and were relieved that it wasn’t a bad experience.

K- Yea. I was anxious yesterday because of the Lidocane. I have had 2 cavities my entire life. That’s it. So now that I have to have actual work done… It’s a little scary.

G- Well, yea, but you will get through it and be fine. Take your ipod with you.

K- Yea, I was going to.

G- Remember… “Be Brave… No Fear!!”

K- Haha, wow, great minds think alike. I have been saying that quite a bit lately. I have also been going back to what I am calling my “bible” or “owners manual,”  the book “Eat, Pray, Love.” I’ve been asking myself What Would Liz Do?

G- Oh yea, that’s not a bad idea. It’s a great book. So inspirational. I can see why you are so attached to it. She is on a journey of self discovery, just like you are.

K- Yea, absolutely. I think also reading the book, opened my eyes to my possibilities. I think I told you, I am moving to Germany in June.

G- Yes, I know 🙂 I think it’s a great idea.

K- Yea. Me too. I am as sure about Germany as I was about visiting my Dad at Xmas a few years ago before he died, or changing my degree from Art History to Studio Art. I Just know its the right thing to do, for me.

G- Yea, then, Just do it. Be Brave… No Fear!!!

K- Haha.. yea, totally. I am pretty excited. Except for the plane ride.. you know I am scared to fly. But I am going to do it because I’m brave 🙂

G- Good for you!! So what else is new?

K- Hmmmm… I can’t think right now. But I know you have also been undergoing a lot of changes in your life.

G- Yea. I have actually. No wonder we are so stressed out.. hahaha

K- Yea. Really. Change will do that to ya.

G- So I moved. The land I’ve had for 3 years is up for sale, and I moved to Cedars with Jay, Erik, Jordan and the gang. It’s going to be great. I bought a new house, which I think is totally amazing and I’m unpacking and moving in as we speak.

K- Great. Can’t wait to see it 😛

G- Haha yea. I also have a few art projects I’m working on.

K- Oh yea?

G- Mmmmhmmmm. Yea, I’m pretty excited. Going to be doing more installation, performance pieces. Heyyyy, you and I should work together!!!

K- Well, duh!! Absolutely!!

G- Good 🙂 I would like that.

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