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The Power of Perception

"I went from digital photograph, to digital wireframe, to pattern paper, to canvas. As for the goddess herself--I wanted to reflect some of your personal mythology with her composition. The drips are a direct reference to your earlier works and wonderfully conceal her, reflecting some of the topics you have discussed previously regarding weight and invisibility. Patterns are purposefully feminine and touch on power (stars), magic (unicorns), Los Angeles (power lines and "oranges"), and (cup) cake! Her hands and hips are gilded, reflecting a base of gold that is extended outward to all that she meets. Her closely shorn hair is bright pink, again a nod to your personal story. Her name translates to the City of Angels' Brewery Venus. Such a joy! Thanks for including me." K Ryan Henisey

"The way I have come to understand your project, Perceive Me has changed a little as I have developed my drawing of your likeness. We humans are all life systems encased by nature’s design in a blanket of flesh which is modified by color, by age, by weight, by health, etc. It is the interaction between the exterior of our bodies and our culture where human drama develops. It is the culture with its prejudices and expectations that determines how each of us is perceived. The power in the matter is how we each perceive ourselves." ~Catherine Ruane

Thank you to all of the amazing artists who are participating in "Perceive Me."

I am in awe of the artists I have collaborated with for #perceiveme. I have been rendered speechless and teary after seeing their amazing work. They have put their hearts, souls, money, time and love into this project.

The artists are finishing their work for "Perceive Me" which opens for the first time January 25, 2020 at Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, Cal State Univ, Los Angeles and will travel to Coastline Community College and the Museum of Art and History, Cedar in Lancaster in 2021.

I am honoring the artists here but you can also see their amazing work in the forthcoming catalog (info below): Amanda Mears, Anna Kostanian, Anna Stump, Ashley Bravin, Austin Young, Baha Danesh, Betzi Stein, Bibi Davidson, Bradford J Salamon, Caron Rand, Carson Grubaugh, Catherine Ruane, Chris Blevins-Morrison, Christina Ramos, Cynda Valle, Daena Title, Daggi Wallace, Dani Dodge, Debbie Korbel, Debby/Larry Kline, Debe Arlook, Diane Cockerill, Donna Bates, Elizabeth Tobias, Ellen Friedlander, Emily Wiseman, Geneva Costa, J Michael Walker, Jane Szabo, Janet Milhomme, Jeffrey Sklan, Jesse Standlea, John Waiblinger, Jorin Bossen, K Ryan Henisey, Karen Hochman Brown, Kate Hoffman, Kate Kelton, Kate Savage, Katherine Rohrbacher, Kerri Sabine-Wolf, Kim Kimbro, L Aviva Diamond, Leslie Lanxinger, Mara Zaslove, Marjorie Salvaterra, Martin Cox, Monica Sandoval, Nancy Kay Turner, Nurit Avesar, Phung Huynh, Rakeem Cunningham, Serena Potter, Sheli Silverio, Susan Amorde, Susan T. Kurland, Sydney Walters, Tanya Ragir, Tony Pinto, Vicki Walsh

Sculpture by Debbie Korbel

Kristine Schomaker is the artist, curator, organizer and model for her project "Perceive Me".

The premise of the project is based on the age-old question: how do others see me? To answer that, Schomaker has asked 60 artists to do nude portraits of her. They have responded with paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, video and a 3D print.

We are creating a gorgeous art catalog to document the project and honor the artists that you can pre-order NOW through GoFundMe or you can contact me to see how to pay by check, paypal, cash, etc.

This GoFundMe was created as a pre-sale for the catalog which will be sent to the printer the end of September 2019.

For every $70 donation you will receive a signed art catalog which will be available for pick-up the end of October 2019. There will be an additional charge for shipping. (contact Kristine to assess shipping charges)

The catalog will be a beautiful, elegant, classic, professional hard-cover art catalog with 150-200 pages.

It will include a red linen cover with gold foil original script. Tony Pinto will work his magic to add unique and beautiful details.

Included in the catalog will be three important essays by art critic Shana Nys Dambrot as well as artist and writers Nancy Kay Turner and Rebecca Niederlander.

After September 16th the price of the catalog will go up to $85.

Thank you all so much for your support!!

Artist Donna Bates

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