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Scents and Sensibility…

Kris- So I see you have been wearing the same clothes for a little while now…

Gracie- Yea? So what of it? Do I stink?

Kris- Hmmmm not that I can tell, but, well, here’s the thing…  it may hurt your chances with a perspective beau.

Gracie- Ohhhhh, hadn’t thought of that.  Hmmmmm. But, if I don’t stink, then what does it matter? Don’t you remember it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but whats on the inside… Or so they say.

Kris- Hmm I wonder who did say that. I still don’t believe it.

Gracie- Yea, I know you don’t. You still have a lot to work on!!

Kris- Yea, Yea. I’ll start on the 1st.

Gracie- Uh huh.. How many years have I heard that?? *rolls eyes*

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