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Kris- So I see you have been dancing a lot eh?

Gracie- Ummmm yea, I have.  So what about it?

Kris- Nothing, Just noticing you are getting out a little more.

Gracie- Well I can say the same thing about you.

Kris- Well, out of the house, yea. But not necessarily out meeting new people like you are.

Gracie- Yea, well I decided I was tired of just doing the same things. So I went to a Jazz club and actually had a good time. Met a new friend and had a great talk.

Kris- Yea, he seemed pretty nice.

Gracie- Hey, quit eavesdropping on my dates.

Kris- Oh, your date now, huh? I see.

Gracie- Ummmm, well we were just dancing.

Kris- Uh huh.

Gracie- So I see you are getting out a bit more.

Kris- Way to change the subject I see.

Gracie- Uh huh.

Kris- Well yes and no. I mean I’m here in front of the puter talking to you aren’t I?

Gracie- Um yea, why is that? I thought you had a lot to do.

Kris- Well, I have a few things, but have the day off so have plenty of time.

Gracie- Yea, but weren’t you just telling Peter, that you felt guilty that it’s 11 and you haven’t done much today?

Kris- Now who is eavesdropping?

Gracie- Well, fair is fair.

Kris- Uh huh.

Gracie- Yea… so I see you are still sitting there.

Kris- And so are you? Don’t you have something to do?

Gracie- Hey, I have been taking care of art stuff all day long, hanging a show, talking to a gallery about another one, planning an opening… I’ve been busy.

Kris- Ok Ok. So have you looked into teaching in Second Life yet?

Gracie- Ummm no, as you can tell I’ve been busy.

Kris- Uh huh.. dancing, yes I know. I see.

Gracie- Ok, I’ll look into it today, if you go to the Yoga Loft?

Kris- Ohhhh what is that, bargaining?

Gracie- Mmmmmhmmmmm

Kris- Ok Ok.  You’re on.

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