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The Dating Game… and Pizza

Gracie- Do you date?

Kris- Ummm, what do you mean?

G- You know what I mean.

K- Ok. Ok. I have dated a little bit, yes.

G- Are you currently dating?

K- No.

G- Why not?

K- Because no one has asked me.

G- I think that’s an excuse.

K- I know. I used to be braver. I used to be more forward and ask guys out, but I got tired of being the one initiating.

G- Yea, I can see why that would be frustrating.

K- Well, it’s funny. I have learned a lot about myself dating in Second Life.

G- Why is that funny?

K- Well I guess it’s not funny, per se. It’s actually a good thing. I have learned that I don’t have to like or love every guy I meet. I don’t have to settle. I know what I like and want in a guy and a relationship. Now that is not to say that I will sit around waiting for the perfect guy, because there is no perfect guy. There is just a perfect guy for me.

G- Yea, that’s a good way of looking at it.

K- Well I have fallen in love in Second Life. Oh geez. Look who I’m talking to. Of course you know that. I mean, WE have fallen in love. WE have almost gotten married in Second Life. WE have had much heartache and WE have gotten over it and moved on.

G- Yes, WE have. So what do YOU want? YOU are a beautiful, intelligent, witty, sexy woman. Why are you single?

K- That’s a very good question. I think part of it is my issues with body image, self esteem and confidence. I am also a little shy.

G- Yea right. You, shy??!!

K- Well as Jordan has said, I’m more timid.

G- Hmmmm…

K- And of course, I’m afraid of rejection.

G- Well who isn’t?

K- I know. But when you are rejected so much, it kinda reinforces the idea that maybe you’re not good enough.

G- OMG!!! I so wish I could go over there and slap some sense into you!!

K- Geez Thx!! Hey, I have dated a little. There were a couple guys I liked but in the end they weren’t “available.” I have come to realize and accept that it’s not me. To be honest, I say it’s their loss. It does sadden me, because I think they are really great guys. But not much I can do if they just aren’t into me enough to date me. Luckily we are still good friends.

G- So, why aren’t you dating now?

K- Well as you know, I stopped online dating in Second Life a little while ago.

G- Yea, I know!!! It’s pretty depressing. I think you need to pick that up again

K- Yea, you would say that!  But you know, I was having a really hard time. There are guys I have liked, but I eventually stopped seeing them, because they couldn’t give me what I wanted and needed. I want a real partner. I want a warm hand to hold. A warm body to touch. I know it’s possible to meet someone in Second Life and have a fulfilling relationship. People meet all the time and have gotten together in real life, even so far as moving to different countries and getting married. But I can’t pin my hopes on that.

G- But you have met a few guys from Second Life in real life.

K- I know and they were exciting, fun, happy times. I went to Scotland to meet one guy. Well, of course, that wasn’t the only reason I went to Europe. but it was a purk. As you know, the guys I met ended up not being “available” either. Mostly because no one wanted a commitment.

G- Why do you always find guys that aren’t available?

K- That’s another very good question. I think its become a pattern in my life. I definitely need to break it.

G- Well, Yea!!!

K- Well, I do know I need to be happy with myself before I can truly be happy with someone. As you know, I’m working on that.

G- Yea you are.

K- I’m also a romantic. I’m holding out for that guy who is gonna sweep me off my feet. I deserve that.

G- Yea you do, but you can always play the field in the mean time. Even online dating in Second Life. I won’t mind. Who knows, you may be on the same field with ‘the guy’ in either life and not even know it.

K- Uh huh!! You wish!!

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