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Nose to the Grindstone…

Gracie- You have been awfully quiet lately… well figuratively speaking anyway..Haha

Kris- Yea, I guess I didn’t know what to say.

G- Well just start talking. That’s what I’m here for.

K- Yea, but I’m still not sure what to say. I am just kinda lost, overwelmed and stressed, but don’t know what about.

G- Ummm well let’s list it. Awareness is the first step in understanding.  First, you are moving to Europe in June, so that involves a lot. I mean a lot. A job, money, place to live… your future. Second, you have a toothache. Sorry, I can’t help ya there, accept to say, that once you go to the dentist in a couple weeks, you will feel so much better, I’m sure. Third, you have been in the dark… I mean the fact that your lights are out in your room, must be so depressing. I know your room mate is going to fix it, but still.

K- Yea, ok I see your point. I have a lot going on.

G- Fourth, School is starting soon. As excited as you are about starting back, that gives you so much responsibility  the next couple months. Fifth, you are depressed over your weight gain. I won’t say anymore about that. Sixth, your job. I know how hard it is on you working graveyards. It is really beating you up. You are always tired. That can’t be good on  your body. Seventh, your food issues. I know you are eating a lot more than you used to. That is stressful in itself. You are doing so well with that, keep going. Shall I go on?

K- Hmmmm, I’m trying to think of things to add.

G- I think this is enough to start. Just think about this for a couple days. Figure out what you need to help yourself.

K- Well that’s easy. Money…Hahaha

G- Well, you don’t have much of it right now. So get over that. But you can think about it. I know you were looking into Artist Grants, so keep looking. You need to get to work. If you really truely want to go to Europe, you need to put your nose to the grindstone!!

K- Yea, I know, I know. It’s just so overwelming.

G- Then start with baby steps. Do a little at a time. I know you have a to do list. Take one thing and work on it. It will feel so good. Such a relief.

K- Yea, I will.

G- Uh huh, I have heard that before.

K- Hey, I don’t need you to argue with me.

G- Apparently you do. You need to be pushed.

K- Well I could always use some help. It’s so hard being on your own…

G- Blah blah blah… my grandma walked across Germany during WWII as a child. I think you can plan a trip to Europe as an adult. It’s not that hard. Just work.

K- Haha. Yea. My grandma did that too 😛

G- mmmhmmm

K- Ok Ok, now I need to remember all this stuff.

G- Baby steps…

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