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Day 88 of Project 365: An upgrade

It was time to get a new phone. My poor  Incredible 2 was on its last legs. The touch screen was only working sometimes. I hated to change. I loved my Incredible 2 plus when I upgraded through Verizon Wireless, I had to change plans. I was on the old unlimited internet plan, now I am limited to 2 gigs. I only average 1 to 1.5 so I should be ok. But I didn’t want to change. Change always sucks.

This new phone is actually quite a change. I did my research and was torn between the iphone5, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Note2. After I decided not to go with the iphone5 (as my friend David says “the choice is between the empire or the rebel rebellion.”) I wanted to compare the Note2 with the Galaxy S3. I decided the Note2 is a bit too much for what I need right  now so went with the Galaxy S3.


Update: I am still getting used to it. I am not liking the keyboard yet. But the swype is pretty cool and the voice to text is spot on. I have a lot to learn for sure.

Missing my Incredible 2 though 😦

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