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Day 8 of Project 365: Work

I had a few dreams last night about my job in the ER. I have worked the last 3 days and go in again today for a 12 hour shift. Why oh why did I have to dream about work too????

I have been thinking about the semantics of words lately. I like to play with words. While I am not a writer, my work is visual, I do like to use words for different meanings. Work for instance, can mean going to your job or it can mean a piece of art ‘work.’ It can be a good work as in creating art or a not so fun work as in going to a job.

This is  my current work…


The other work… we won’t talk about that right now.

I have a list or art rules hanging  up in my studio. I look at them quite often. Rule 7 states, The only rule is WORK. I think about this when I receive rejections from galleries, grants, etc.  I just have to keep working and things will work out. Then I ask myself what I really want with my art. Do I want the glitz and glamour of showing in galleries, museums? Do I want to just work on my art with the help of grants, fellowships and residencies? Do I want to sell my art and make some extra money? Or do I want  to do all of the above?

I admit I get a tinge of jealousy when I get invitations to shows that I think my work would be a great fit  in. Especially shows on identity. I think, why didn’t I hear about this? Then I change my perspective and think there will be other shows and my time will come. I just have to keep working and doing what I love.

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