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Day 6 of Project 365: Fat belly? Big hips?

Ugh!!!!! I want to yell out to the world, STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!

Would that be copyright infringement? Wasn’t that statement used for something else? Well it is a mad mad mad mad mad world out there when women read these magazines and really think that they will lose 9 lbs in a week, including their belly fat and big hips. Ugh!!!!! Now, when I saw the woman reading these articles and actually copying them to take home, I thought, how sad. This particular woman is beautiful and doesn’t have to lose weight. I wish she could see it and believe it.

Why is it so hard for women of all sizes to be confidence with their bodies? Why can’t we accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we are?

One friend told me that using the magazines and advertisements as an excuse is a cop out. Then what is the reason? Is it the validation or lack there-of of beauty that pushes us to extremes to try to find our ideal, perfect self?

The really sad part is women continuously worry about losing weight or shaving down their hips and belly. Their lives are run around weight loss and excercise and the stress over not eating this or that. It has this control over therm that is almost obsessive. I see it all the time.

Take back your lives and find a balance. Be yourself free of the need for validation from others.


Speaking of living in a fantasy world…

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