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Day 3 of project 365: Bonding

Sitting at my desk, drinking Hot chocolate from my favorite mug with my favorite painting on it, my mind is on bonding. Not the usual bonding between friends or intimates, but well rather, WHY WON’T THE DAMN ARMS AND LEGS AND TORSO BOND PERMANENTLY TO THIS MANNEQUIN!!! Phew, had to get that out.

As with all art, it is a learning experience. I can’t expect my first go at painting a mannequin be perfect right? What is perfection anyway. My work is always based on spontaneity and ‘happy accidents.’

So I may say a few curse words as I muddle through this process of self awareness between myself and the mannequin and I may make some mistakes along the way but nobody is perfect. AND despite a quote I heard at an art talk yesterday, NOBODY IS BORN PERFECT. Sorry! AND, THAT is ok!

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