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Day 137 of Project 365: The sound of the ocean

If you sit out in the garden where I live, you can hear the ocean.

Ok, well, if you have a good imagination you can hear the ocean. Otherwise it is the loud semi truck engines and racing cars along the 5 freeway that runs right next to the Brewery.

There was one Friday I walked outside and there was an eerie silence. I had never heard that before. Or not  heard  it. I looked over at the freeway and  the cars were just sitting there, barely moving. It was rush hour on a Friday evening and everyone was sitting in traffic. This is the  ONE time you can actually say traffic is good 😀

In this  photo you can see the  Atrium garden, right  outside my door, and the freeway also right outside my door.

Sometimes you can also imagine a bright sunny 80 degree day.



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