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Updated: Sep 18

Welcome to my book sale.

I don't sell these lightly. I love books and some have been with me for over 20+ years. I am downsizing to condense my living/studio space and for mental and financial reasons.

Books subjects include: Art, Art History, Architecture, Feminism, Women artists, Catalogs, Digital art and Second Life books, Critical Theory, Biographies and more...

All prices have been researched online comparing to multiple online book sellers. I also consider demand and condition in prices. Some of the books are brand new and still wrapped in plastic. PRICES ON STICKERS ON EACH IMAGE OF BOOK

I will give discounts for buying more than one book.

I will ship nationally, which may be $5-$10 extra depending on weight.

Email me if you would like to purchase any of the books below or schedule time to stop by my studio.

Thank you all for your love and support!!

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