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Gracie: So what’s up with you?

Kris: Oh boy, you really want to know?

G: Of course… duh!!!!

K: Well, I have realized, or well finally considered or ok admitted that I have an eating disorder.

G: Yea? How did you realize that?

K: Well, after I ate 3 quarts of Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on Saturday, I kinda knew…hahaha

G: Hey, don’t laugh this is serious.

K: yea, I know, but if you can’t laugh what else do you have? I know I have a problem and I am working on fixing it.

G: Well that’s good.

K: Yea, I want control of my life again. I feel so out of control. Food is running my life, and I hate it.

G: Well to be honest, I wish I could eat 😛

K: Yea? What would you eat?

G: Hmmmmm better not say Ice Cream…hahaha  Ohhh yea, the laughing does help 😀  Well, I’d love to eat French Toast; Prime Rib; a good salad with balsamic Vinegar; Macaroni and Cheese; Spaghetti, mmmmmm SPAGHETTI; beets; a nice juicy cheeseburger with mustard and ketchup, pickels, onions and tomatoes; a fresh Margarita pizza with extra buffalo mozzarella from Naples; Yorkshire pudding from England; Sourdough bread from San Francisco… gosh the list can go on and on…

K: Yea, I had most of that once upon a time. I’m sure I’ll have them again.

G: So why not now?

K: I’m afraid.

G: Of what?

K: Sighs… I don’t know. This is how food is running my life. I am checking into programs. I had gone to Overeaters Anonymous, but it was too cultish for me. The 12 steps seemed too religious. and it seemed like they were all reading from a script. I felt uncomfortable.

G: Yea, that’s not for you.

K: Yea, I’m checking into the University, to see if they have any programs that would help.

G: That’s great. Good for you 🙂

K: Well, yea, there is just too much going on right now. Trying to finish my thesis, working, stress… I decided I needed to slow down on this blog a bit. I’m not gonna be able to take pics of you and I together anymore. At least not every day.

G: Awww, yea, I kinda saw that coming. You’ve been crazy busy lately. Well I know you are still here, and I am here to help.

K: Yea, I know and thank you 🙂 And I will definitely still be here, and we will collaborate some more on projects. Especially once this thesis is finished. I am very much looking forward to that.

G: Good!!

K: Good!!

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